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Water, tissue and media tests will give you better solutions.

For greenhouse and nursery growers, the more you know, the better plants you can raise. Knowing your water type is the first step in choosing the right water soluble fertilizers. Growing media testing helps you monitor nutritional programs, while tissue testing helps diagnose the possible causes of various problems. And for turf managers and landscapers, a comprehensive soil test is critical to an effective turf management program.

That's why Everris™ offers an entire suite of analytical testing. Everris is dedicated to providing accurate, affordable analysis through The Everris Testing Lab. The Lab provides easy-to-understand reports for irrigation water, growing media or soil, and plant tissue. And only Everris matches that with the expertise of our technical advisors, plus the industry's most successful water soluble and timed release fertilizers.

Water analysis results are now e-mailed directly to you!